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Pro Ears began in a tiny garage in Phoenix, AZ in 1992. Designed from the ground up with competitive shooting in mind, Pro Ears became an instant cult classic among shooting aficionados. Known around the world for superior quality, and a more natural sound, Pro Ears electronic hearing protection ensures optimal situational awareness while still providing total hearing protection, letting the wearer hear everything around them.

Purchased in 2008, Altus Brands has helped expand the Pro Ears brand as well as promote technological advancement for electronic hearing protection everywhere. Now based in Grawn, MI, Pro Ears are still manufactured by hand in the United States and are still made with the same superior level of quality and care in mind.

Pro Ears: Hear the Difference.

The original American made rifle shooting rest was made from high quality sturdy steel in a small town in Pennsylvania in 1988. The original shooting platform was designed with simplicity in mind and made out of materials that could last a lifetime. After the first iterations of rifle rests, the Benchmaster Cadillac was born. Made from premium leather and sturdy steel, the Cadillac soon became the favorite among shooters everywhere.

Fast forward 20 years, Altus Brands was able to acquire Benchmaster’s assets and kept this American tradition alive and well. Soon expanding to encompass rifle rests, pistol storage and rifle storage devices, Altus Brands has continued to build on Benchmaster’s stellar reputation for quality and performance. 20 years later Benchmaster is still made by hand, now in Grawn, MI.

Benchmaster: Precision at its finest.



Altus Brands, LLC is the culmination of a long time desire of the three founders to own and grow a company while contributing to the outdoor sporting community and industry. In 2008 the timing was right to branch out and begin this journey. A partnership was formed, resources committed, strategy developed and responsibilities assigned.

Altus Brands, LLC brings you the finest in outdoor sporting equipment, from superior hearing protection to reliable weapon storage and accessories, and so much more!