2018 Altus Catalog

BENCHMASTER SHOOTING SOLUTIONS 35 www.benchmasterusa.com (800) 891-3669 PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION UPC MSRP BMBMR BenchMaster® (Cadillac) 795594599107 .......... $79.99 The BenchMaster Rifle rest is the sturdiest, most durable and functional rest on the market. The steel construction, quality powder coating and durable cowhide pouch and front rest bags guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction. This “Best New Product” winner reduces recoil, protects your firearm and ensures fast, accurate shot group. KEY FEATURES • 1 ½“ Vertical Micro-Adjustment • 3 “quick height” adjustments • 4” adjustable front legs • Ergonomic tension knob loosens to make adjustments • Real American cowhide front rest bags and butt stock pouch to protect your firearm and provides extra recoil absorption • Weighs only 9lbs. easy to carry (carry bag optional) • Lifetime Warranty • Field spikes – optional • Soft, yet durable leather front bag and stock holder PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION UPC MSRP BM TB1 Benchmaster Shooting Table 751710500723............... $469.99 This sturdy shooting table is like no other. It folds up with ease and has a convenient carry handle. Inspired by Mark Thompson, world class long range shooter, the all steel, powder coated construction and quality components all add up to a Lifetime Warranty against defects. It is made in the finest American tradition. The large table area allows the shooter plenty of extra room for accessories and varied positions of their rifle rest. KEY FEATURES • Compact and easy to store • Built in easy carry handle • Sturdy all steel legs fold up for easy storage and carrying • Multiple height adjustments • Built in seat with swivel to accommodate multiple shooting positions • Weighs less than 40 pounds • Lifetime Warranty Benchmaster Soft Leather Front Pad All Powder Coated Steel Construction All Rubber Feet Prevents Slipping 3 Quick Height Adjustments 4” Adjustable Front Legs