Pro Ears | Ultra Pro Passive

Pro Ears | Ultra Pro Passive


(7 customer reviews)

Light and Comfortable Hearing Protection

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The Pro Ears Ultra Pro hearing protection ear muff advantages are the superior comfort, quality and performance. Ultra Pro ear muffs have an NRR of 30, are very comfortable and stylish. They are ideal for range use, indoor or outdoors, for small and large caliber handguns and pistols. If you are an active shooter who wants maximum protection, the Pro Ears Ultra Pro model is perfect.

  • The Pro Ears Ultra Pro advantage is the great comfort, noise attenuation and quality
  • The super comfortable Pro Form leather ear cushions and the padded and adjustable headband make all day use a breeze
  • Ultra Pro’s are ideal for indoor and outdoor range use
  • The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 30
  • One (1) Year Warranty
  •  Made in the USA


(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for Pro Ears | Ultra Pro Passive

  1. Brenda Gibbons

    Just got these and really like them. Most of all the color is very bright and I think it is a solid safety feature. The ears seals are like a leather feel top them and make it very comfortable as compared to Vinyl ones. One year warranty too on a USA product!

  2. Jim

    I purchased two sets of Pro Ears Ultra 33 Passive Hearing Protection for use at the shooting range and have been *very* happy with the performance of these ear muffs. I recently had an issue with one of the headsets which was fixed immediately under warranty even receiving contact directly from the owner of the company. These people really care about their product quality and their customers. Highly recommended!

  3. Riggs62

    I have not used a better set of non-electronic muffs at the range, and I have been shooting for 20 + years. Really great sound control and comfort. I would recommend to anyone shooting at indoor ranges.

  4. fishgriller

    5.0 out of 5 stars Pro Ears Ultra Pro Black, March 24, 2014

    By Fishgriller “Kurt Ploetz” (Always Outside!)

    This review is from: Pro Ears Ultra Pro Black (Misc.)

    These new Pro Ears Ultra Pro ear muffs ,with a NRR 30 noise reduction rating ,are great for shooting, factories, loud work places, around airplanes, ,and many other loud working and playing, environments.The ultra series come in slim, or full cup designs ,for all of your hearing protection needs. They are made from quality materials, to last for the long haul. They come with ProForm Leather ear seals ,that are replaceable.These provide the ultimate comfort and conformity to all ear sizes and shapes. for a tight seal ,for ultimate noise protection. The padded headband is comfortable ,and very adjustable, for long periods of wear. I find them great for going to the local dragstrip, or my local speedway, where there are a lot of very loud engines, roaring down the quarter mile,or for the long period of a 50 lap sprint car race. It is very important to have ear protection ,at many of the sporting events, and loud places we are around on an every day basis. I give these ear muffs a very high rating NRR 30 , for quality materials, workmanship.,and for noise reduction. I year warranty and made in the USA, makes these ear muffs a great value in hearing protection. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }

  5. Conklin58

    I just got a pair of these, originally wanted a the old style Ultra 33’s my buddy had, but like these more because they are a little smaller and a bit more comfortable. I am getting a pink pair for my wife too!

  6. R, Tapp

    high NRR of 30, comfortable ears seals, adjustable and padded headband and mad in the USA-love them – only negative would be the size, but I think that is a compromise for the high protection level

  7. Carl Carter

    I bought a pair of these fr my wife because she took up shooting at the range-she loves them because they are real quiet and they are comfortable to wear. She thinks they are a little big, but explained to her that gives her the extra protection. Thank you!

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