Pro Ears | Stalker Gold

Pro Ears | Stalker Gold


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Super Human Hearing Enhancement, and Protection


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The Stalker Gold is perfect for hunting and shooting enthusiasts. The “chop” cut cup make it easy to shoulder the firearm without interference, while providing comfort and control aiming. The Stalker Gold has an NRR of 25. The exclusive DLSC Technology has the fastest response time in the industry at 1.5 milliseconds. Military grade dual circuit boards ensure a rugged and reliable pair of ear muffs, no wires to snag or break, and maximum adjustability, backed up by a 5 year warranty.

  • The Stalker Gold is the model hunters demand and the chop side cut is ideal for long gun shooting
  • The internal gain setting is pre set to hear the quietest sounds at the greatest distances
  • The Stalkers are favored by bow hunters for clear audiophile sound and are aware of the prey
  • Stalkers have the industry leading DLSC ® technology and the fastest attack time in the industry at 1.5 milliseconds
  •  Has an 8 bit micro processor on board that ensures the unit is working when needed
  • Five year warranty
  • Made in a USA

2 reviews for Pro Ears | Stalker Gold

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    These sound so natural you forget you have then on. On the low setting they sound so close to your natural hearing you enjoy having them on.If you hunt with a large caliber handgun you need these.I wear these for all hunting. I have tried the others and they do not compare to these, most other brands have a hiss sound in the background, not these . They have perfect sound.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Nick W.

    The headset is awesome. Great noise reduction for gunshots, loud engines, etc. HOWEVER, the microphone windscreen foam is going to come off at some point. It’s a small piece of foam about 1/2″ in diameter and about 1/8″ thick and through normal use it’s GOING TO COME OFF. With that said, Pro Ears charges $6 for a replacement piece of foam that doesn’t even cost 10 cents to make. On top of that, they charge $11 to ship it?!?! Something needs to be changed…

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